We produce high quality, natural leather care products for equestrians and beyond. We modernized leather care with a sustainable process and a give-back attitude.
We produce high quality, natural leather care products for equestrians and beyond. We modernized leather care with a sustainable process and a give-back attitude.
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"I love that I can clean tack and help moisturize my skin at the same time! It is even a natural moisturizer. So many skin products on the market are full of things I would never want on my skin and this is made with simple and found in nature ingredients. My tack and hands thank you for a great product" Samantha St. Jacques Olympian and International 3 Day Event Rider

  "I love Tack Butter and tell everyone to use it!" Sally Cousins, FEI CCI****International Eventer, Trainer, Coach, USEA Leading Lady Rider Multiple Years   

"Tack Butter is an amazing product that keeps my equipment in top shape!" Alexandra Dominguez International Dressage Rider and USDF Gold Medalist    


 "This is Fabulous for your tack!" Lendon Gray, Dressage Rider,  US Olympic Team (1980,1988)  Congressional Gold Medal Recipient, and numerous achievements in and out of the saddle.    






"Tack Butter Leather Conditioner & Cleaner is the only thing I reached for when cleaning my tack after it made the journey across the pond! Perfect for any leather, from saddles to boots, bridles to handbags." Tori Morgan, Event Rider at Nicola Wilson Eventing   


"Used my Tack Butter Leather Cleaner & Conditioner in my car today, WOAH! It's not greasy, just pure simple leather therapy" #101usesfortackbutter
M. Rebuck, PA



"Wow!" I got a tub of your Tack Butter yesterday. Let me just say, IT'S AMAZING!! My boots are so SOFT and WATERPROOF!" T. Bulla, PA


5 star rating 12/27/18 Tack Butter

This product is a great conditioner and has a light lavender scent that my horses enjoy!

Margaret G.

Verified Buyer


 Robbin S.

Verified Reviewer 5 star rating 02/18/19

 Makes cleaning tack a cinch!!

Love, love, love this product. I have never enjoyed cleaning my tack as much as I do with Tack Butter!! The scent is great and conditions my rough crack barn hands all the same!! I have even used this on my horse where his cribbing strap rubbed him raw. Tack butter healed that too!!


Angela B.

Verified Reviewer 5 star rating 08/03/1

Awesome conditioner ❤️

Have been using tack butter for 4 months now and just love the way it makes my tack feel and the way it smells...also I’m allergic to virtually every soap etc out there and I don’t react to this at all....love it

M-H B.

Verified Reviewer 5 star rating 07/25/18


I am totally addicted to the Tack Butter!!!

I first saw a post about the Tack Butter on Facebook and decided to give it a try. Not only it is for a great cause #LeeLeestrong, but I was totally impressed with the quality of this natural product. I am an avid tack cleaner and tried different conditioners, but I have to say that the Pixie Soaps Tack Butter is truly the best leather conditioner

I have ever used. Not only I love the smell, I also love the fact that it is not messy, not greasy or sticky and does not leave streaks. I strongly recommend this amazing product to all people looking to keep their tack in top condition and hope that there will be a Canadian distributor in the near future, so I can buy more Tack Butter without having to pay the international shipping fees


Tiffany H. Verified Buyer 5 star rating 01/09/19

Smells amazing and conditions leather

Smells amazing and conditions leather nicely without making it over slick or leaving a mess.

Myra B. Verified Buyer 5 star rating 12/29/18

Good Stuff

Really pleased with the results of using this product!! And smells great!! Will be ordering additional for the trailer, tack trunk and home.


i love this stuff

the packaging is cute, and pleasant to look at which is a nice touch. the product itself is very nice and smooth. it is lasting longer than I had originally hoped as an "all natural ingredients" product. It smells SO GOOD! omg haha. I used to soften my Walsh lead and it's been a charm. Will continue to use this and I do recommend.


Checks all the boxes!

This tack cleaner is wonderful! Does a great job cleaning and conditioning, and smells incredible. I love the smell of my tack room after using it! It also makes me happy to know it's all natural and made by a small business.


Smells amazing!!!

I love Tack Butter!! This product is super easy to apply. Once a week I wipe down my saddle with it. it looks & feels awesome! It smells very refreshing & invigorating also. I love everything about this product. I highly recommend trying it.

Simply the BEST tack cleaner!

I met the owner/inventor of Tack Butter at WEG this year in Tryon. This product is outstanding, and believe me, I've used a hundred tack cleaners! (That's maybe a slight exaggeration on the number...) Anyway, I LOVE it and you, will, too! I think it even makes my hands softer, really! I'm so glad that SmartPak now carries it.


 Fantastic product!

I've used this on my tack, but also on my Dubarry boots that were looking a bit worn (they now look brand new!). Highly recommend!