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Our Favorite Rider

Update on Lee Lee's Amazing Progress

Here is Lee Lee by the Christmas tree with her dog Bear. He just loves her! It has been seven years since her accident but Lee Lee continues to improve. She is talking more which is fun for us and less frustrating for her!
We are so grateful for people like you who continue to keep Lee Lee in their thoughts, hearts and prayers.  We have a mantra that we started when she was in the hospital “I haven’t come this far to only come this far”.  So, we keep pushing forward!

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Teaching Leather Care and Making New Friends

Tack Butter was developed by a rider for riders, “We needed a better way to clean and condition our leather. There wasn't much innovation in that space, until we came along and went from making homemade soaps, to making homemade leather cleaners. Now other companies are following our lead, using plant based oils. We knew it was important to make the best, natural leather care available today!” The Tack Butter Team has a lot of fun giving back to inner city riding clubs, like Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club (pictured above), IEA, Retired Racehorse Project, 4H, Pony Club, and the US Olympic Team, and more!

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Tack Butter Cares

Tack Butter Track Edition

Tack Butter Track Edition

Tack Butter Track Edition is a revolutionary, natural leather conditioner & cleaner.... 

Emma Ford World Class Grooming

Emma Ford of World Class Grooming was an integral part of testing our products to ensure they performed better than the other leather care products out there. We knew Emma was the most knowledgeable person out there working all day every day.

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Rochelle and Lee Lee

Lee Lee Jones and Rochelle having fun talking about Tack Butter and all of their summer adventures!

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