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Rochelle with her off the track Thoroughbreds

Rochelle created Tack Butter because she could not find a natural, effective, great smelling/skin safe leather conditioner & cleaner. Being a mom to 4 children riding and competing horses in pony club and eventing they cleaned a lot of tack. Her daughters were members of The United States Pony Club and she was the District Commissioner of their local pony club. Cleaning tack was something they did daily, so when their choices were limited, they thought there has to be something better! We took leather care very seriously. They saved up to buy saddles, boots and bridles, and they wanted to take care of them. Being members of pony club, her girls went through turnout inspections that were very rigorous. Since she was already making home made soaps and hand balms out of her home, she thought there has to be a way to make a great leather cleaner that will also condition leather without making it sticky or tacky.  

When Rochelle heard about Lee Lee's accident, being a mom to daughters who participated in eventing, it really struck her and she wanted to do something to help her. The timing worked out, and she asked Olympic Groom Emma Ford for her help. If anyone knows leather care, it's Emma. She agreed and they worked together to perfect Tack Butter. After trial and error, Emma helped her perfect the consistency and come up with a formula that worked like no other leather care product on the market. It was natural, skin safe, had a light scent, and cleaned, renewed and preserved leather without getting sticky or tacky.

Once they had it all developed, they asked the Dutton Family if it was okay to include Lee Lee's cause with Tack Butter.  Highlighting  #Leeleestrong, we keep her in everyone's thoughts, and also help her on her road to recovery. Now that Tack Butter is available throughout the United States, Canada and a store in Europe, Rochelle and her daughter Taylor, still make every batch by hand.  They have also expanded by developing a natural leather wash that can be easily used daily to safely wash off leather. It's quick and moisturizing. It works great as a pre-wash before Tack Butter Conditioner/Cleaner. Tack Butter Leather Wash is good for any type of cleaning, even as a household cleaner that is safe with no harsh chemicals.

Since Rochelle and her Tack Butter Team began the Tack Butter journey, they have been able to donate products to many inner city riding programs, IEA competitions, Retired Racehorse Program, local riding clubs, United States Pony Club teams, and numerous other organizations. Tack Butter also partners with the World Class Grooming Program. Emma and Cat travel the United States teaching riders, and non-riders  the proper care and management of horses. They have also surpassed $13,000. given to Lee Lee's recovery.

"This adventure has been amazing and I cannot thank the equestrian community enough. The other day, someone said we have a "grass roots" company built by regular people to improve people's lives. Sometimes simplicity is the best. It makes my heart so happy to hear about how people love Tack Butter. I also really enjoy giving Lee Lee the money she can use to continue in her recovery. Thank you for taking the time to look at our products and our story"- Rochelle Woodeshick






Taylor, Rochelle and Hannah with Allie the wonderful quarter horse 

Nescopeck, PA 18635

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